About us

Radić & Co. d.o.o. is a store that specializes in construction material and also offers a complete assortment of home furnishings, including outdoor and gardening products. We have been in business since 1990. in Orebić, Croatia, at the address Dubravica 31, where our warehouse is located that spreads on over 7.000 m2 of open and closed area. Long-term experience, professional service, wide range of products and many satisfied customers avouch for quality of service and longstanding business success. Our mission is to provide top quality service and products at good prices and with that to gain the trust of our customers.

Vehicle fleet includes three trucks, all for different purposes, where one is the truck with a trailer and the other two are trucks of the open type with the crane which enables us to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of our clients whether locally in the area of Pelješac and Korčula or in the entire area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also have the van for quick deliveries.

Visit us at our store and see firsthand our various offers, affordable prices and professional service of our staff.